Tor Arve Røssland: ABSOLUTE BUD

Cover of "Absolute Bud"

Absolutt Pode
Published by Samlaget 2020

A collection of the popular Bud novels
Tor Arve Røssland’s children’s books about Bud are very popular and have become modern classics in the genre. This fantastic collection is being published to celebrate Røssland’s 20th anniversary as an author. Inside you can read Bud’s first novels: Young Bud, Bud Loses his Footing, Bud Gets a Runny Nose and Anti-Bud. The collection even includes two new Bud tales to boot.

These stories about Bud are crafty and fun, and were part of what established Røssland as a well-loved children’s author. In Young Bud, six year-old Bud and his family must eat up their dinner, or else they will ruin the weather the next day. In Bud Loses his Footing, we find out what happens when someone loses all four front teeth at the same time. In Bud Gets a Runny Nose, Bud suffers from hayfever while someone is trying to hunt him down. In the fourth book, Anti-Bud, we read about Bud’s Christmas celebrations. Dad decides to make fifty sorts of Christmas desserts and mum decides to sing fifty Christmas carols. Meanwhile, Bud doesn’t have a very nice time at all.

The books are suitable for children between the ages of 6 and 9. 430 pages. Illustrations by Øyvind Torseter.

Tor Arve Røssland (b. 1971) has been nominated for the Uprisen prize, a national award voted for by young people, a whopping five times. He is also well known for his thriller series, Svarte-Mathilda (Black Mathilda).
Øyvind Torseter (b. 1972) is regarded as one of Norway’s most creative and prize-winning illustrator and artist.