Cover of "The Nile"

Nilen. Historiens elv
Published by Aschehoug, 2012.
English edition 2021 (Spring).

The Nile offers a rich account of a long and fascinating history. Professor Terje Tvedt’s new book is the most comprehensive book about the Nile ever written. The author travels upstream along the river’s mouth to its sources. The result is a travelogue through 5000 years and 11 countries, from the Mediterranean to Central Africa.

This is the fascinating story of the immense economic, political and mythical significance of the river. Brimming with accounts of central characters in the struggle for the Nile – from Caesar and Cleopatra to Churchill and Mussolini and on to the political leaders of today. The Nile is a book with wide appeal, on a region of great interest. This is a work with potential to become a classic.
The Nile has been enthusiastically received by critics: “Tvedt has long ago established himself as an unrivalled communicator, both in text and television series. Water is his passion, and the book about the Nile is simply a fabulous journey on a beautiful river, with history, politics and culture.” (VG)

24 000 copies sold in Norway. The book is illustrated. 454 pages. Translation rights sold to Egypt, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Serbia and UK (published by Tauris/Bloomsbury June 2021)

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German review (link to sueddeutsche.de)

Intro to the documentary series on the Nile based on the book, and a presentation of the author (YouTube)

Short scenes from Tvedt’s film about the Nile, History’s greatest river (YouTube)

The entire documentary written and presented by Tvedt about the Nile (YouTube)

Portrait of Terje Tvedt
Terje Tvedt

Terje Tvedt (b. 1951) is professor at the Department of Geography, University of Bergen, and professor in Global History at the University of Oslo. Tvedt is the author of a wide range of books and articles, has written/co-directed a number of award-winning TV-documentaries and been the leader of a number of national and international research networks and research projects. His main research fields include the role of water in history and development, development theories and the international aid system. One of his main works is the 9-volume series A History of Water (London/New York: IB Tauris). He has also written En reise i vannets fremtid (A Journey in the Future of Water), 2007/2011. Translations rights sold to UK, China, Ukraine, Egypt, Denmark, Hungary, Malayalam (India), Germany and Russia.

Read more about Terje Tvedt’s Water World here: https://terjetvedt.w.uib.no/film-and-documentaries/