Cover of 'A Journey in the Future of Water'VannEn reise i vannets historie
Published by Kagge Forlag, 2007/2011

The future of water is the future of humankind. Are we living in the century of droughts? Of floods? Or both? How water will run in our societies will impact global power relations, the environment and the balance between rich and poor. It will define war and peace and the destinies of countries and continents. Nobody can escape the consequences. These are issues raised by professor and historian Terje Tvedt in his book “A Journey in the future of water”

Based on a journey to 25 countries all over the world the book presents an original and comprehensive narrative of the challenges we will face in relation to this most precious resource. The book also carries interviews with leading politicians, common people and experts. It deals with one of the most important topics on the international agenda.

The author is a water expert who is also an historian, geographer and political scientist. It gives an original, fascinating and dramatic narrative of one of the most crucial issues facing human kind. The book was published along with a new TV-documentary.

Terje Tvedt
Terje Tvedt

Terje Tvedt (b. 1951) has published extensively on water related topics, among them A History of Water (London/New York: IB Tauris). He was also made the award-winning TV-documentary “A Journey in the History of Water”, shown in several countries, and bought by among others National Geographic, Discovery an Al Arabyya channels.

Translations: Sold to UK, China, Ukraine, Egypt, Denmark, Hungary, Malayalam (India), Germany.