Latest rights sales

  • Kim Hjardar: AUDR. WOMEN IN THE VIKING AGE (non-fiction, 2022), sold to Denmark
  • Lasse L. Matberg: VIKING KNITTING (non-fiction, 2021), sold to Germany, previously to Denmark, Finland and UK (World English rights)
  • Kari Stai: YESPER AND NOPER (picture book, 2008), THE THIEF STRIKES BACK (2012) and THE EMPTY ROOM (2014), sold to Italy.
  • Maria Parr: TONJE GLIMMERDAL (children’s novel, 2009) sold to Latvia, previously to Germany, Belgium, Catalonia, Georgia, Lithuania,  Sweden, Russia, France, Iceland, Denmark, Poland, North-Macedonia,  China, Ukraine, Estonia, Faroe Island,  Bulgaria,  Italy, England, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, South Korea, Turkey, India (Hindi), USA.