Cover of "Dad at Kindergarten 3: Birthday Hullabaloo"

Pappa i barnehagen
Published by Kagge Forlag, 2021-22

Dad at Kindergarten is a series of children’s books about all the mishaps that occur when Tina’s dad starts at kindergarten. There are stories of pranks and wild antics, childishness and games. Stories that are just as silly and nutty as kids would have them. In these books, everything is topsy-turvy. The adults behave like children and the kids are the ones who have to take control. Dad at Kindergarten is a hilarious book series that children are bound to love!



Published by Kagge Forlag, 2019-2023

Get to know all about dinosaurs big and small in THE DINOSAUR BUNCH series
Reggie Rex is a slightly anxious six year-old who lives together with his family in the big boggy forest. Reggie is always being reluctantly dragged along on adventures by his best friend, Tim Troodon. Tim is six years old too, but nothing frightens him. And then there’s Grandma Rex. Sometimes she can be deadly!

Cover of The Dinosaus Bunch vol. 11 – "The Monster Crocodile"

NEW! 11 THE MONSTER CROCODILE (Monsterkrokodillen)
Reggie wakes up and realises that today is the unluckiest day of the year! He ends up with bumps and bruises just getting out of bed! And there’s worse to come. That is… Timmy has heard that there’s a four-leaf clover in the Boggy Forest. A clover could save the day! It’s just really silly that it grows exactly where someone has just seen an absolutely colossal crocodile. Now Reggie needs all the luck he can get!

Cover of The Dinosaur Bunch vol. 12 – "The Ballon Journey"

NEW! 12 THE BALLOON JOURNEY (Ballongferden)
Reggie and Timmy find an old hot air balloon hidden at Grandpa Troodon’s cave. Could it be possible that it still works? Then when they hear that there’s an egg on top of the giant pine cone, an egg lying lonely and abandoned without a Mummy or Daddy to be found, well, they know what they must do. (August 2023)