Lars Mæhle/Lars Rudebjer: THE DINOSAUR BUNCH SERIES 1-5

Cover of "The Dinosaur Bunch 1: The Egg"

Dinosaurgjengen: 1 Egget,
2 Svømmekonkurransen, 3 Reisen,
4 Skattejakten, 5 Bestevennen
Published by Kagge Forlag, 2019-20

Get to know all about dinosaurs big and small in THE DINOSAUR BUNCH series
Reggie Rex is a slightly anxious six year-old who lives together with his family in the big boggy forest. Reggie is always being reluctantly dragged along on adventures by his best friend, Tim Troodon. Tim is six years old too, but nothing frightens him. And then there’s Grandma Rex. Sometimes she can be deadly!