Sivert N. Nesbø/Susanna Kajermo: HAUK

Cover of "Hauk"

Published by Samlaget, 2019

Waking up alone
Hauk wakes up all alone in a big bed. Before, Daddy was sleeping in his bed too, but now he is nowhere to be seen. What happened to Daddy? Where is he? When is he coming back? Hauk is staying at his grandparents’ home together with his big sister, Inga. His grandparents live in a house by the lake. Why don’t they answer when Hauk asks about Daddy?

Hauk is a tale about loss and longing, and not understanding why grown-ups can’t always be around. It’s a story about being little and trying to figure out how the world fits together. This picture book is filled with pencil-drawn illustrations that give the story a pleasant atmosphere. 32 pages, 21 × 30 cm.

Sivert N. Nesbø (b. 1982) has previously written three critically acclaimed novels: Swathes of Crop (2013), Like a Child (2015) and The Sea in Winter (2018). Hauk is his first book for children.
Susanna Kajermo (b.1978) received her Master’s degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Her art has been included in several exhibitions, including the annual National Art Exhibition and the annual Western Norway Exhibition