Prestigious literary prizes for “The Sausage Burglar”

The Sausage Burglar by Marianne G. Engedal has been awarded 2019’s Neo Norwegian Children’s Book Prize as well as The Ministry of Culture’s prize for last year’s best picture book. The Ministry’s jury wrote:

The Sausage Burglar is a unique story about a well-known theme – taking your own decisions, even though it might be difficult. An excellent portrayal of what it feels like to find yourself in a world full of rigid rules and expectations. The book makes good use of the picture book media and is marked by an original and consistent narrative voice. The amusing illustrations are filled with exciting details which will convince you to re-read the book over and over again. The book’s style is crooked and fun, and its varied characters cleverly reinforces just how different we people can be.”


The Sausage Burglar tells a wondrously innovative story about a well-known theme: Feeling brave enough to be yourself. […] Marianne Gretteberg Engedal has made her debut with The Sausage Burglar, and there has seldom been such a distinctive debut. […] The Sausage Burglar is so visually captivating, it is a true joy to read.”

From a website for Norwegian children’s literature critics,

The Sausage Burglar is quite simply one of the finest books I have read in a long time, and every single page bubbles over with wonderful uses of colour and thrilling details.”

From a website for Nynorsk literature critics,

“A sweet, philosophical picture book about paving your own way. It’s about being yourself, and being forced to be something you aren’t, or don’t want to be. About having the courage to choose your own path. These themes make The Sausage Burglar a great stepping stone to having important conversations with your child, but the book is still able to entertain children who just want to look, point and play with the story.”

From the national daily paper, Dagbladet

“…A refreshing picture book debut […] something you won’t have seen before.”

From the national weekly paper, Dag og Tid

“Good enough to become one of this year’s best children’s books.”

From a website for critics of art made for children,