Cover of "The Story About the Northern Lights"

Historien om Nordlyset
Published by Solarmax Consulting, 2018

Watching the northern lights or “aurora borealis” dancing overhead on a clear winter night is one of the most spectacular and awe-inspiring sights that the natural world can offer. They differ from all other light phenomena by exhibiting an amazing variety of colours, structures, and movements. For people who have caught a glimpse of the northern lights will the sight often leaves memories for a lifetime.

This book explains the mechanisms behind the northern lights, and how we can predict when and where we can see them.

There have been hundreds of stories and theories to explain these celestial lights, which we now know as the northern lights. Today we know that the northern lights are caused by charged particles from the Sun. This book describe this fascinating phenomenon from myths to modern research and science, illustrated by a number of captivating images. Complete English translation is available, plus layout.

Illustration from the book

Dr Pål Brekke received a PhD in 1993 from the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Oslo.  He has worked for the European Space Agency at NASA. He currently works at the Norwegian Space Centre. He has received prizes like ESA´s´Exceptional Achievement Award in 2002 and Laurels for Team Achievements from the International Academy of Astronautics in 2003.

Dr. Brekke has written several popular science books about the Sun and the Northern Lights, that are translated into many languages. He has recently produced the international award-winning The Northern Lights – a Magic Experience, available in a number of languages. He is also an international recognized lecturer.