Cover of "Self Defence Against Cancer"

Selvforsvar mot kreft
Published by Spartacus, 2019

In the summer of 2016 family doctor Øyvind Torp is in his office studying his own MR-scans. In the waiting room there are patients waiting for him to call out their name, but he is unable to gather his thoughts. The MR-scans reveal tumours. In the blink of an eye, the doctor has become the patient. The survival instinct awakens; can anything be done to improve the prognosis, when bad luck strikes?

After surgery, examinations, pain and morphine, the body slowly kicks into gear, and the will to fight back increases for each passing day. Scientific research helps him to discover various steps that might improve his prognosis, in addition to the medical treatment he is already receiving. A year on after the last surgery he crosses the starting line at the Berlin Marathon. Each step on the track brings joy and relief.
In this book Dr Øyvind Torp gives practical advice and tips for cancer patients and others who seek to prevent cancer or those who simply want to stay healthy.
Translation rights sold to: Denmark. English translation available.

Dr Øyvind Torp (b. 1977) graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Oslo in 2006 and has been practising as a family doctor for over 10 years. The book is written in co-operation with the non-fiction author Geir Stian Ulstein (b. 1982).