Marit Kaldhol: Z FOR ZORRY

Cover of 'Z for Sorry'Z for sorry
Published by Samlaget, 2017

New dorm, new streets, new school, new class. Everything is new for Susan when she moves to the city this autumn to attend the dance programme at college. Independent Susan, free from nagging parents, done with all the old stuff. She’s only going to dance, dance, dance. Deer leap. Arabesque. Thousands of pirouettes. A new life.

But why won’t the other girls speak to her? What about the boy who came close? The one with his loose laces whipping the floor? And why is the dorm supervisor so nosy? Susan gazes at a map of the night sky. Many stars are part of a larger image, whereas others swirl around alone on the fringes.

Marit Kaldhol
Marit Kaldhol

Marit Kaldhol (b. 1955) has since her debut in 1983 published a number of acclaimed books for children, youth and adults. For the short- story collection kino (Cinema) (2006) and the novel søkeord ayotzintli  (Keyword: ayotzintli) (2010) she was awarded the Ministry of Culture Prize for Literature. The last one was nominated for Deutsche Jugendliteraturepreis Literature. Marit Kaldhol is nominated for the third time for the ALMA Award 2016.  In 2014 she wrote Zweet, a YA novel, sold to Germany.