Marianne Gretteberg Engedal: THE POLICE BURGLAR

Cover of "The Police Burglar"

Published by Samlaget, 2021

Cops and robbers
Bill was born into a family of burglars, but he isn’t a burglar anymore. There’s no one in the world Bill likes more than Sausage Sam, and there’s nothing in the world Sausage Sam likes more than sausages. However, just before the school is about to go on an overnight trip to the forest, a police family moves to town. Policewoman Polly joins the class trip, and everything changes for Bill when Polly becomes a police burglar: she steals his best friend – Sausage Sam!

From the reviews: " With THE POLICE BURGLAR Marianne Gretteberg Engedal takes a firm grip on the fresh place in the elite division among Norwegian children's book authors. "
                                              The daily Bergens Tidende

"Marianne Gretteberg Engedal is back with a dream of a sequel. The book oozes sheer quality … the illustrations are really eye-catching – lively, with a controlled recklessness and plenty of peculiarities. The landscape is painted in a delightfully acidic colour palette."


In The Police Burglar we catch up with Bill, who we got to know in The Sausage Burglar from 2019. The Sausage Burglar won the Norwegian Ministry of Culture’s Picture Book Prize and the Nynorsk Children’s Literature Prize. The book has been translated into Chinese, Danish, Korean and Swedish, and staged as a play at the Den Nationale Scene theatre in Bergen.

Reviewers described The Sausage Burglar as: “[…] an entirely original blend of social realism, visual humour and traditional tales of honourable thieves […] each reading brings new details to pick up on and ponder.” – Expressen, Sweden
“Good enough to be one of the year’s best children’s books.” –

24 pages. Format 21,5 × 30 cm. Translation rights are sold to China, Denmark, Lithuania and Sweden.

Read English sample here (PDF, 2MB)

Marianne Gretteberg Engedal (b. 1986) is an illustrator, trained at Bergen’s art academy, Kunsthøgskulen. She also works as a chef. Engedal has illustrated several books for children and young people.