Maria Parr/Åshild Irgens: A BIG BROTHER

Cover of "A Big Brother"

Published by Samlaget, 2019

Dreaming of an older brother
“I want to have a big brother! Why do I only have stupid little Elida?” This is a book about wishing you had an older brother. After all, imagine how great it would be to have someone who looked after you on the school bus, and always let you tag along to football training. Are all older brothers like that, though? What about all the people who just have an annoying little sister?

An engaging book for children who have just learnt to read and can get by with a little help.

Translation rights sold to: Bulgaria.

Maria Parr (b. 1981) has master’s degree in Nordic languages and literature. She is the author of the bestselling books Waffle Heart, Tonje Glimmerdal and The Goalie and the Sea.

Åshild Irgens (b. 1976) is a popular illustrator and designer. She has a degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. In 2018 she won the Italian literature prize “Premio Samarelli” for her illustrations for Tonje Glimmerdal by Maria Parr.