Cover of "Three Friends and a Bad Thing"

Tre vener og ein dum ting
Published by Samlaget, 2020

Friendships, a rifle, and oodles of moonshine
Three friends plan on talking shit, chugging spirits and playing Playstation for the rest of their days, and nothing’s gonna get in the way. Until a bad thing happens – two of these friends manage to blow the head off the third (known as The Gary Boy) and after a shriek of pain, they replace his lost head with what they have at hand… An old boat radio.

At first their quick-fix seems to be working just fine until they realise they’ve forgotten something important, and so the unlucky Gary Boy is left leaning against an old wooden boat shed while one friend sets out on a dangerous road trip to get everything back under control, and all their friendships are put to the test.
This is a fabulous and imaginative novel, narrated by the main character whose narration is heavily influenced by his mental state after his head is replaced.

Storyline of Three Friends and a Bad Thing (PDF, 41 kB)

Review of Three Friends and a Bad Thing (PDF, 32 kB)

Sample of Three Friends and a Bad Thing (PFD, 70 kB)

Portait of author Mads Rage
Mads Rage
Photo: Marie Sjøvold

Mads Rage (b. 1982) received his education from the Hordaland Writer’s Academy and the University of Bergen. He is currently an IT specialist for the police service. Rage made his literary debut in 2018 with his novel Og skipet siglar vidare. Reviewers from NRK radio said: “He uses words and expressions that are a long way from day-to-day conversation. This doesn’t distance the reader from the text, but instead adds extra dimensions and colour to the story itself. […] This is not only a great debut, it is a marvellous novel.” Next year Rage wrote a follow-up work, Miklastaur, which received a good deal of attention in the media. Reviewers from the daily paper, Stavanger Aftenblad, said: “Intelligent and well-crafted, an absurd and burlesque tale of ostracisation, loneliness and outsiders. […] Rage writes in a fresh and vivid style, filled with zany turns of phrase, whimsical metaphors and lively sentences. His words are filled with meaning and rich with imagination, clearly fueled by a true zeal for writing.” In 2020, Rage was awarded the Bookstore’s Writer’s Award after the jury declared that “Mads Rage has a linguistic talent”.