Cover of "The Art of Hiding – Disguise in Nature"

Dyr som gjemmer seg
Published by Kagge, 2020

This book is all about animals that are specialists in hiding away. There’s a spider in Asia that imitates a butterfly and a fish swimming in the Amazon that looks like a leaf. There are animals that pretend to be something very different from what they actually are – an insect assassin that imitates a swarm of ants by sticking a pile of dead ants on its back and a little frog that pretends to be bird poo. There are also incredible animals that can change their disguise, like the peacock flounder: when a scientist put it on a chessboard, black and white checks appeared on its skin! And did you know there’s an octopus that can copy 15 different animals?

With its brightly coloured pictures and fun facts, this book will teach you how animals hide themselves in nature. You can search through the book to find animals like weasels, hares, butterflies and lizards. Will you be able to find all the animals who have hidden away? Animals that hide is a fun, educational book whose beautiful pictures teem with detail, and is suitable for all ages, from 5 to 99.

Translation rights sold to Denmark, Russia.

Read English sample here (PDF, 50 kB)

Line Renslebråten (b. 1980) is a children’s book author and illustrator. She has written and illustrated numerous non-fiction books for children about everything from life beneath the polar ice to the world’s most dangerous animals, or animals that have vanished as a result of human activities. Several of her books have been sold abroad, to countries such as Russia, China, Canada and Denmark.