Laura Djupvik/Camilla Kuhn: THE GIRL IN THE CHEST

Cover of "The Girl in the Chest"

Jenta i kista
Published by Samlaget, 2019

An exciting thriller for children who can read by themselves
In a huge, ancient house, there is a chest.
Nobody knows what’s inside.
A 100 years ago a happy family used to live in the house.
But now, nobody wants to.
All the rooms are empty.
Except the attic, where there is a chest.
But then, one day, the box is opened.

Laura Djupvik (b. 1970) writes books for children, young readers and adults. Her background is in publishing and journalism. In 2018 she published a thriller entitled Den andre søstera (The Other Sister). This year she is working on another novel, Hjartet er ingen logrande hund (The Heart Is Not A Wagging Dog).

Camilla Kuhn (b. 1975) is a children’s author and illustrator. She is known for works such as the easy reading book, Ryddetid (Time to Tidy Up), and the picture book Gorm er en snill orm (Gorm is a Nice Worm). Many of her books have been sold abroad.