Lars Mæhle/Lars Rudebjer: THE DINOSAUR BUNCH : THE EGG

Get to know all about dinosaurs big and small in THE DINOSAUR BUNCH. Rasmus Rex is a slightly anxious six year-old who lives together with his family in the big boggy forest. Rasmus is always being reluctantly dragged along on adventures by his best friend, Trym Troodon. Trym is six years old too, but nothing frightens him. And then there’s Grandma Rex. She isn’t nearly as sweet and elderly as she looks. Sometimes she can be downright deadly!


Early one morning, Rasmus Rex rudely awoken by his friend, Trym Troodon. Trym has big news: His mum’s egg is about to hatch! Rasmus and Trym decide to take a shortcut through the boggy forest to get there in time. But is this very wise? On the way they meet some fairly fear dinosaurs. And when they come out the other side, a surprise is waiting for them…


Rasmus Rex is visiting the beach with his family and his best friend, Trym. Rasmus isn’t such a good swimmer, so when his big brother Robin challenges Rasmus and Trym to a swimming competition, it can’t possibly go well. All these rumors about a sea monster in the water don’t help either. It turns out to be an exciting competition, with plenty of Dino-surprises the whole way through.

In THE DINOSAUR BUNCH, Lars Mæhle and Lars Rudebjer have created a whacky dinosaur universe for little ones, jam-packed with fun and funniness. This is the first book in a colourful series that follows the big and small happenings in the lives of Rasmus Rex and his friends. The books are perfect for reading aloud and are suitable for young children who have just started to read on their own. At the back of each book there are lots of facts about all the dinosaurs featured in the story.                                                                                              

 English translations are available. 48 pages. Format 20 x 25 cm. Book 3, THE JOURNEY  BEYOND THE MAP will be published autumn 2019 and book 4, THE TREASURE HUNT in spring 2020.

Translation rights sold to: Estonia, Finland and Iceland.

Lars Mæhle (b. 1971) has written a number of books for children and young

adults and fiction, among them the children’s novel Tunisia’s Keeper (Keeperen til

Tunisia), 2004. In 2011 the film “The Liverpool Goalie”- based on Mæhle’s novel

received the Crystal Bear in Berlin 2011. Rights sold to Germany. In 2009 he

wrote the awarded fantasy novel The Country beneath the Ice / Landet under

isen. Most recently he wrote the YA novel Andromeda (2018) and a crime series

for small children.  * Lars Rudebjer (b. 1958) has illustrated more than 40 children’s

books published in ten countries, and a large number of school books for Swedish

and Norwegian publishers. Rudebjer is also known for his illustrations in the Ella

series, written by Unni Lindell. His production also includes postcards, comic

strips, board games and CD games for children, and a collection of pictures for

IKEA. He use traditional aquarelle as well as digital techniques.