Published by Kagge Forlag, 2019-2023

Get to know all about dinosaurs big and small in THE DINOSAUR BUNCH series
Reggie Rex is a slightly anxious six year-old who lives together with his family in the big boggy forest. Reggie is always being reluctantly dragged along on adventures by his best friend, Tim Troodon. Tim is six years old too, but nothing frightens him. And then there’s Grandma Rex. Sometimes she can be deadly!

Cover of The Dinosaus Bunch vol. 11 – "The Monster Crocodile"

NEW! 11 THE MONSTER CROCODILE (Monsterkrokodillen)
Reggie wakes up and realises that today is the unluckiest day of the year! He ends up with bumps and bruises just getting out of bed! And there’s worse to come. That is… Timmy has heard that there’s a four-leaf clover in the Boggy Forest. A clover could save the day! It’s just really silly that it grows exactly where someone has just seen an absolutely colossal crocodile. Now Reggie needs all the luck he can get!

Cover of The Dinosaur Bunch vol. 12 – "The Ballon Journey"

NEW! 12 THE BALLOON JOURNEY (Ballongferden)
Reggie and Timmy find an old hot air balloon hidden at Grandpa Troodon’s cave. Could it be possible that it still works? Then when they hear that there’s an egg on top of the giant pine cone, an egg lying lonely and abandoned without a Mummy or Daddy to be found, well, they know what they must do. (August 2023)

These are the other books in the series:

Cover of "The Dinosaur Bunch 1: The Egg"

1 THE EGG (Egget)
Early one morning, Reggie Rex rudely awoken by his friend, Tim Troodon. Tim has big news: His mum’s egg is about to hatch! Reggie and Tim decide to take a shortcut through the boggy forest to get there in time. But is this very wise?

Cover of "The Dinosaur Bunch 2: The Swimming Competition"

2 THE SWIMMING COMPETITION (Svømmekonkurransen)
Reggie Rex is visiting the beach with his family and Tim. Reggie isn’t such a good swimmer, so when his big brother Robin challenges Reggie and Tim to a swimming competition, it can’t possibly go well.

Cover of "The Dinosaur Bunch 3: The Trip"

3 THE TRIP (Reisen)
Tim wonders what lies behind the big mountains in the north. What exist outside the borders of the map? Reggie thinks it is crocodile mosquitos or dracula sharks, but Tim persuades him to join an exciting and exhausting trip.

Cover of "The Dinosaur Bunch 4: The Treasure Hunt"

4 THE TREASURE HUNT (Skattejakten)
Reggie and Tim find a mysterious treasure map in the bushes by the Rex-cave. A valuable treasure is supposed to be dug down, all the way in the deepest deep of the sump forest. What if scary dinosaur pirates are lurking by the treasure?

Cover of "The Dinosaur Bunch 5:The Best Friend"

5 THE BEST FRIEND (Bestevennen)
Every morning, Tim comes over to Reggie’s place to wake him up. But one day Tim doesn’t arrive. Reggie wonders, whatever could have happened to him…. Reggie wants to go look for Tim right away, but Daddy Rex tells Reggie not to. Why? Because someone has just seen a strange, scary, flying dinosaur in the Sump Wood. But he must look for him, doesn’t he?

Cover of "The Dinosaur Bunch 6: The Sea Monster"

6 THE SEA MONSTER (Sjøuhyret)
Outdoors, something heavy and white has arrived: Snow, and lots of it! The lake has frozen over, and Mum Rex arranges an ice fishing competition. The first prize is a huge can of mackerel in tomato sauce. But who knows if there are scary creatures lurking underneath the ice? Only one thing is certain: plenty of surprises lie in wait for Reggie and Tim.

Cover of "The Dinosaur Bunch 7: The Secret"

7 THE SECRET (Hemmeligheten)
The families of Reggie Rex and Tim Troodon will travel together on their summer holiday. They are going to visit Tim’s grandfather up in the mountains in the north. The grandfather is an inventor and lives in a cave. But why is he not home when they get there? And what secrets are hidden in the dark cave?

Cover of "The Dinosaur Bunch 8: The Giant Squid"

8 THE GIANT SQUID (Kjempeblekkspruten)
One day Daddy Rex tells Reggie and Tim about an old shipwreck lying forgotten in the Dark Bay. There’s treasure hidden on board the ship! However, nobody can or will go to look for it because there’s a giant squid guarding it night and day. Tim, naturally, thinks this sounds really exciting and that he and Reggie should borrow Daddy Rex’s raft to take a look at things. Of course, they’ll only borrow it for a quick minute to take a tiiiiny peek. So the adventure begins!

Cover of "The Halloween-Party"

9 THE HALLOWEEN-PARTY (Halloween-festen)
Reggie and Timmy are going trick-or-treating for Halloween, but who’s hiding behind all the scary doors when these best friends come knocking? Could it be a wicked witch, a vampire, a vegan vampire or could it just be a skeleton? Unfortunately, Grandma Rex is even more hungry than usual. Today of all days, it really isn’t such a good idea to go to the old cabin in the Boggy Forest. Anything could happen…

Cover of "The Christmas Gift"

Grandpa Troodon has sent Timmy an extra large and mysterious Christmas gift. It’s going to be the biggest surprise in the world! The problem is just that both the package and the post-dinosaur who was supposed to deliver it have gone missing! Can Reggie and Timmy find the present before Christmas? Is there someone who doesn’t want them to find the Christmas present? Could it be true that there’s a huge predatory dinosaur lurking in the Boggy Forest in the run-up to Christmas?

The Dinosaur Bunch series is a whacky dinosaur universe for little ones, jam-packed with funniness. The books are perfect for reading aloud and are suitable for young children who have just started to read on their own. At the back of each book there are lots of facts about all the dinosaurs featured in the story.
English translations are available. 48 pages. Format 20 × 25 cm.

Translation rights sold to: China, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Russia, Sami language, Sweden and Ukraine.

Portrait of Lars Mæhle
Lars Mæhle. Photo: © Sturlason

Lars Mæhle (b. 1971) has written a number of books for children,YA and fiction, among them the children’s novel Tunisia’s Keeper (2004). In 2011 the film The Liverpool Goalie, based on this novel, received the Crystal Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. In 2009 he wrote the awarded fantasy novel The Country beneath the Ice. Most recently he has successfully made series for small children, especially The Dinosaur Bunch, so far eight books which all has been on the bestseller lists in Norway.

Portrait of Lars Rudebjer
Lars Rudebjer. Photo: © Marianne Rudebjer

Lars Rudebjer (b. 1958) has illustrated more than 40 children’s books published in 10 countries. His production also includes postcards, comic strips, board games and CD games for children, and a collection of pictures for IKEA.