Cover of "Dad at Kindergarten 1: Shrinking Shock"

Pappa i barnehagen
Published by Kagge Forlag, 2021

Dad at Kindergarten is a series of children’s books about all the mishaps that occur when Tina’s dad starts at kindergarten. There are stories of pranks and wild antics, childishness and games. Stories that are just as silly and nutty as kids would have them. In these books, everything is topsy-turvy. The adults behave like children and the kids are the ones who have to take control. Dad at Kindergarten is a hilarious book series that children are bound to love!

1 Shrinking shock (Krympekatastrofe)
Tina is five years old, and just about to start in kindergarten. Her dad is ever so silly, and simply loves to play. He loves playing so much, that one day after kindergarten he makes a wish that he was little again so he can go back to kindergarten. Well, you should be careful what you wish for, Daddy, especially when fairies are listening in. The next day, Tina awakes to find her dad has shrunk down to her own size, and Mum ends up having to dig up some old bibs that Daddy can wear. When her dad makes it to his office job, he gets up to all kinds of trouble and behaves just like a naughty little brat!

Cover of "Dad at Kindergarten 2: Trouble at the Theatre"

2 Trouble at the theatre (Teatertrøbbel)
One day, Tina’s kindergarten class goes to visit a theatre in town. Tina’s dad is going too of course, and he’s super excited to watch a play about pirates. But the problems start before they even get off the bus. Not to mention the pranks. Then it gets even worse when the preschool actually arrives at the theatre. Does Daddy know the difference between actors and real buccaneers? Finally, when Tina’s dad reveals that he brought his own toy sword along too … well, anything could happen.

Format 18 × 23 cm. 40 pages. English versions are available. Translation rights sold to: Denmark, Russia.