Cover of "The Messenger from Hell"

Twenty years of documentation from the Mediterranean

Budbringeren fra HelveteTjue år med vitnesbyrd fra Middelhavet
Published by Quintano Forlag, 2021

In the last twenty years, tens of thousands of people have drowned while escaping war and humanitarian abuses. At the bottom of the Mediterranean lies mobile phones with missed calls and worried text messages that will never get an answer. The Mediterranean has become a floating burial ground, and the islands are like small tombstones protruding.

The main focus of this book is stories from the three islands – Malta, Lampedusa and Lesvos – and from the sea that surrounds them. For two decades, Kristina Quintano has documented and preserved the stories the media will not write about. Through conversations and interviews both with displaced people, and with the smugglers who make the dangerous journeys possible, she sheds new light on one of the most pressing crises of our time. Repeatedly she has been told: “Do not forget us, tell the world what happens to refugees.”

Who are these people who are risking their lives by taking the most dangerous route to Europe? Who are the culprits who arrange these life-threatening journeys?  Whole families gathered at the bottom of the sea, who will forever lie there without a grave or a memorial – what is their history?

Kristina Quintano gives an undisguised and concrete picture of a situation that has become an ongoing crisis. She has written about the refugees, as promised.

600 pages. Sample translation available. 

Kristina Quintano (b. 1975)  is a journalist, translator, author and publisher. As half Norwegian and half Maltese, she has documented the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean for twenty years. She has been a humanitarian worker both in the Mediterranean and in Lebanon. Through the Facebook blog «The Messenger from Hell», she provides daily updates from the refugee crisis around the Mediterranean and specializes in Europe’s lack of sea rescue. The blog has over 15,000 followers and an average of 100,000 views daily. Quintano has received prizes and acknowledgement for her work.