Cover of "Yesper and Noper and Everyone Else"

 Jakob og Neikob og Alle Andre
Published by Samlaget, 2018

The fifth bok about the prize-winning, dynamic duo Yesper and Noper!
– Noper, are you sad?
– NO, I am devastated, Noper says. I want to be like Everyone Else.
– Do know who Everyone Else is then? Yesper asks.
– Will you come with me to find him?
– YES, says Yesper.

Yesper and Noper search for everywhere for Everyone Else: on the bus, in the ocean and in the space. Finally, they find him on Planet Uno. And there is also a cloning machine there. Can Noper actually be like Everyone Else? If so, will Yesper be able to find him when he looks like Everyone Else.

The daily Adresseavisen’s reviewer rated it 6/6 and wrote: “A wonderful, touching testament to the intrinsic worth of each and every slightly less-than-perfect child. This is the fifth book about the duo, and it is also the best. This is an extremely entertaining, scary, funny and original story, both in terms of the text and its illustrations.”

The Yesper and Noper series:
1: Yesper and Noper (2008)
2: Yesper and Noper – The Thief Strikes Back (2012)
3: Yesper and Noper and the Empty Room (2014)
4: Yesper and NoperThe Neighbour (2016)
5: Yesper and Noper and Everyone Else (2018)
6: Yesper and NoperThe Storm (2019)

The reviewers wrote:
“Kari Stai’s series about the sourpuss Noper and the optimist Yesper are among the best picture books we’ve got.” (Dagbladet)    
“Kari Stai’s Yesper and Noper and the Thief was undoubtedly one of the most perfectly realised publications in Norwegian in 2012 across all genres.  With the third book, Yesper and Noper and the Empty Room, Stai’s again shows the exquisite interplay between text and images, with every word and every geometrical line working closely together. A book about friendship and reconciliation by one of our most stylistically talented authors of books for readers of all ages.” (Morgenbladet).
The reviewers were full of admiration for the fourth book: “The concept of Yesper and Noper is brilliantly realised, and The Neighbour maintains the same, high standards, with some delightful variations.” (Barnebokkritikk.no)

Bilderesultat for kari stai portrett

Kari Stai (b. 1974) is one of the most popular and respected picture books artists in Norway. She has received especially acclaim for her Yesper and Noper series; the precise language as well as the artistic drawings and use of colours. She has received many prizes, among others the Debutant Prize of the Ministry of Culture, The Brage prize and the Critique’s award for the other two books about Yesper and Noper: Yesper and Noper /Jakob og Neikob), 2008,  and Yesper and Noper.The Thief Strikes Back / Jakob og Neikob. Tjuven slår tilbake (2012).

The books are sold to Germany (vol. 1-2),  India (vol. 1-2,  3 languages) Denmark (vol. 1) , Egypt (vol. 1-2),  Korea (vol. 1-3), China (vol. 1-3) and France and Uruguay  (vol. 1). Stai has also made the board books series about  Mopp and Mikko. All titles are available in English versions.