Ingelin Røssland: OMG

Cover of "OMG"

Published by Samlaget, 2019

A dark Christmas drama about clenched fists, blood and passion
For Maria, life is an endless party. Then one day, when she is brought home in a police car, all her partying comes to a screeching halt. Mum can’t take it anymore and sends Maria to live with her grandma with an absolute ban on mobile phones.

At grandma’s house, Maria is captivated by the priest’s son, Johannes, even though she still has a boyfriend in the city. This sets the stage for a classic romance drama about clenched fists and blood.
OMG was published in cooperation with the organisation “Books for Everyone”.

Ingelin Røssland (b. 1976) had her debut in 1998 with Viss du vil (If You Want). For her 2006 work, Handgranateple (Hand Grenade Apple), she was awarded numerous prizes and awards, including Uprisen, the Norwegian Youth Literature Award. Rights for her books have been sold in German, French, English, Faroese and Danish. Røssland is known for writing books about young people that are both revealing and challenging.