Cover of "Floke"

Floke. Ein fredeleg fyr i ei vill vikingverd.
Published by Samlaget, 2020

Norse mythology for the 2020s
Floke Skrufsson is a calm kid in a world of vicious Vikings. He isn’t a big fan of violence and fighting, and would much rather sit on the grass making music. One day he rescues an old fogey whose nose is stuck in a tree and as a thank you, Floke receives a strange and unusual sword. But there’s a snag: Whoever holds this sword must save the world from the apocalypse – Ragnarok itself! In the book we run into Old Norse legends such as Thor and Odin, Freya and the World Serpent.

Welcome to Ida Eva Neverhahl’s lush and fanciful Viking universe. Throughout the graphic novel, she mixes Old Norse mythology, action and mythical creatures with a cocktail of Norwegian fairy tale tropes and a healthy dollop of absurd humour. This is the first book in Neverdahl’s two-part project.

Sample page from "Floke"


‘With Ida Eva Neverdahl, the Norse and Viking world has had a 2020 makeover; the conventional aesthetic associated with the Norse is replaced with a world of pastels, rainbow colours, fantastical animals and absurd humour. She mocks the masculine in a universe of soft edges and femininity, play and vulnerability’

Empirix comics magazine

Complete English version available. Format 17 × 24 cm. 175 pages.

Read English sample here (PDF, 2 MB)

Ida Eva Neverdahl (b. 1993) is an illustrator and cartoonist. She has made web series and cartoon strips for several newspapers, as well as publishing several books for children and young people, including Samlaget’s picture series Jojo.