Ida Eva Neverdahl: FLOKE 2

Cover of "Floke 2"

Floke 2 – Inn i Skrømtskogen
Published by Samlaget, 2021

Into the Dark Forest
This is the sequel to Floke – A Calm Kid in a World of Vicious Vikings (2020). Floke is a different kind of Viking hero, a calm kid in a world of vicious Vikings. Now he has an important mission: he must save the world from Ragnarok, the apocalypse; the final destruction of the world. To do so Floke must set out on an epic journey. His perilous travels through the Dark Forest and over the Troll Mountains lead him to Jotunheim itself, the city ruled by the gods’ sworn enemy, the Jotnar giants. Will he manage to save the world from total destruction?

In Floke 2, the continuation of Ida Eva Neverdahl’s comic series plays with stereotypical Viking clichés. It’s impossible to resist her smart, funny and completely new Viking universe!

The conclusion to Floke’s adventure will come in the third book, scheduled for release in 2022.

132 pages. Format 17,5 × 24 cm.

Reviews of Floke 1: A Calm Kid in a World of Vicious Vikings: “Ida Neverdahl takes liberties with the mythological material that few others could get away with, but that in her reworking is wonderfully refreshing.” – Serienett
“With Ida Eva Neverdahl, the Norse and Viking world has had a 2020 makeover. […] She mocks the masculine in a universe of soft edges and femininity, play and vulnerability.” – Empirix

Ida Eva Neverdahl (b. 1993) is a cartoonist and illustrator. She has created web series and comic strips, and released several books for children and young people, including the Jojo comic series, published by Samlaget, and the first book in the Floke series. The first Floke book is available in English.