Geir Stian Ulstein/Line Renslebråten: MATHEO SAVES THE SHARK

Cover of "Matheo and the shark"

Matheo redder haien
Published by Spartacus, 2022

A read-aloud book about a shark who gets ill because of all the plastic in the sea
Matheo is five and lives in a house beside the sea. One day when he cycles down to the beach, he finds a shark that has been washed ashore.

Matheo tries to help the shark back into the sea so it can be free again but the shark refuses! It doesn’t want to get back in the sea because it’s afraid: the ocean is full of plastic and oil – and so is the shark’s stomach. Matheo takes the shark home on his bike and puts it in the bathtub. They have to find a way to get rid of the plastic. Will shark yoga help the shark? Or how about a face mask? Will Matheo manage to get the kind but worried shark back into the sea?

This is a fun and exciting book. It also has a short section containing facts about how plastic pollution affects marine life. Format 21 × 28 cm. 32 pages.

Read sample English translation here (PDF, 410 kB)

Geir Stian Ulstein (b. 1982) is a non-fiction and fiction author with an MA in History from the American University of Paris and the University of Oslo.

Line Renslebråten (b.1980) is an author and illustrator. The books she has written and/or illustrated include Under the Polar Ice (2018), The Art of Hiding – Disguise in Nature (2020) and the picture book A Heart for Christmas (2021). Some of her books have been translated.