Geir Egil Eiksund: THE NEW BOY

Cover of "The Match"

Published by Samlaget, 2021

Heartbeats and slide tackles
The summer holidays have just begun. Andreas is a Liverpool supporter and everyday he looks forward to kickabouts with Sara and his other classmates. But this summer, a new boy has come to town, a boy with a United hat and a pretty smile. The new boy’s name is Viljar, and Andreas’ heart beats much faster whenever they’re together. Meanwhile, Sara keeps sending him messages filled with love hearts, and Andreas doesn’t know quite how to respond.

The New Boy is a tale of friendship, love and jealousy. But more than anything, this is a story about the 11 year-old Andreas, who during a rather challenging summer holiday is forced to learn a lot more about himself. 122 pages.

Read sample in English here (PDF, 114 kB)

Geir Egil Eiksund (b. 1988) is a qualified teacher and journalist. The New Boy is his first book.