Frode Grytten/Mari Kanstad Johnsen: BEDTIME

Cover of "Bedtime"

Published by Samlaget, 2020

A colourful and imaginative bedtime tale
Daddy says it’s bedtime, but his little girl wants them to carry on reading. Just one more book before she goes to sleep! She wishes that someone would write a book about her for once. Up on the bookcase there isn’t a single story about her!
Together they patch together a book about the girl. Will there be a slime monster in the book? Perhaps she will climb up the world’s tallest mountain? Maybe she will travel backwards in time to meet her Grandpa? Or go into the future to meet herself as a grown-up?

Illustration from "Bedtime".

Anything is possible in a story. But if everything is possible, then scary things can happen, too. And what happens when Daddy gets so excited thinking up stories that he himself forgets it’s bedtime? The daily Klassekampen’s reviewer wrote: “A gift of a bedtime book for anybody keen to set imagination and dreams on fire. Warning: extremely stimulating, so best read well before bedtime.”

Translation rights sold to China, Denmark, France, Germany, South Korea. Format 26,5 × 21 cm. 32 pages.

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Watch author Frode Grytten’s and illustrator Mari Kanstad Johnsen’s introduction of the book (YouTube link)

Frode Grytten (b.1960) is one of Norway’s most prominent modern authors. He had his literary debut in 1983 with his poetry collection, Start. His 1999 work, Bikubesong, was awarded the Brage prize and nominated for Nordisk Råd’s Literature Prize. He has written a long line of novels and short story collections. Grytten has also been awarded with a number of literary prizes. In 2008 he published the children’s book, Gabba gabba hey, which was illustrated by Gry Moursund.

Mari Kanstad Johnsen (b.1981) is a visual artist, children’s author and illustrator, who received her education from Oslo’s College of Art and in Stockholm. She was nominated for the renowned Brage Prize for her picture books ABC (2017) and 3 2 1 (2019).