Cover of "Christmas at the Advent Hotel"

Jul på Bukken Hotell
Published by Samlaget, 2019

A thrilling book about Advent in 24 chapters
Merry Christmas, pa rum pa pum pum!

It’s the first day of December, and Fredrik and his parents are checking into the Elf Hotel. But something doesn’t feel quite right. Fredrik is hearing sounds that nobody else can hear. What’s more, a billy goat is running amok in the hotel, and birds are flying around the ceiling, wearing beards and Santa hats.

But the day Fredrik meets the elf girl, Joy, everything changes. Together they discover that the Chief Elf has been kidnapped by an evil elf named Grumpus. It’s a well known fact that Grumpus hates everything to do with Christmas, and will do everything he can to stop people from getting dressed up or celebrating it. Which means that Christmas is in grave danger! Can Fredrik and Joy stop the elves from being put to eternal rest?

Christmas at the Elf Hotel is a book about Advent, told in 24 chapters. We follow the characters on a rip-roaring journey right up to Christmas eve, filled with elfy humour and yuletide joy. Is hope and love enough to keep the darkness at bay? Illustrated by Ingrid dos Santos.

Christian Wiik Gjerde (b. 1981) made his literary debut with the children’s novel The Search for the Four-Leaf Clover (Jakta på firkløveren) in 2016, which has been sold in both Russian and German. He now works as a journalist.
Ingrid dos Santos (b. 1984) is an illustrator, designer and copywriter with experience from TV and media. She has a blog named “Everything will be allright” (“Alt ordner seg”).