Cover of "Audr – Women in the Viking Age"

Auðr – Kvinneliv i vikingtiden
Published by Spartacus Forlag, 2022

Auðr means wealth. It was a common name for women in the Viking age, emphasising their importance in society. They were poets, skilled artisans and entrepreneurs who had their own ships. Women traded, led expeditions and played a crucial role in sharing knowledge, educating and protecting societal values. It was women who were responsible for textile manufacture and the preparation and storage of food, in addition to their important duties as healers.



Published by Kagge Forlag, 2019-2022

Cover of "The Halloween-Party"

Get to know all about dinosaurs big and small in THE DINOSAUR BUNCH series
Reggie Rex is a slightly anxious six year-old who lives together with his family in the big boggy forest. Reggie is always being reluctantly dragged along on adventures by his best friend, Tim Troodon. Tim is six years old too, but nothing frightens him. And then there’s Grandma Rex. Sometimes she can be deadly!

NEW! 9 THE HALLOWEEN-PARTY (Halloween-festen)
Reggie and Timmy are going trick-or-treating for Halloween, but who’s hiding behind all the scary doors when these best friends come knocking? Could it be a wicked witch, a vampire, a vegan vampire or could it just be a skeleton? Unfortunately, Grandma Rex is even more hungry than usual. Today of all days, it really isn’t such a good idea to go to the old cabin in the Boggy Forest. Anything could happen…

Cover of "The Christmas Gift"

Grandpa Troodon has sent Timmy an extra large and mysterious Christmas gift. It’s going to be the biggest surprise in the world! The problem is just that both the package and the post-dinosaur who was supposed to deliver it have gone missing! Can Reggie and Timmy find the present before Christmas? Is there someone who doesn’t want them to find the Christmas present? Could it be true that there’s a huge predatory dinosaur lurking in the Boggy Forest in the run-up to Christmas?




Cover of "Wolves in a cultural landscape "

Ulv i det norske kulturlandskapet
Published by Res Publica, 2021

This work of literary nonfiction, eco-literature, explores the role wolves have played in Norwegian cultural history, drawing on insights from the environmental humanities. From Norse mythology and the Viking Age, it traces human–wolf relations through medieval superstition to the systematic wolf persecution of the nineteenth century, when wolves were almost driven to extinction, and finally to the current situation, where wolves stand a chance of recovery but are kept endangered through legal and illegal hunting. The contrast between cultural landscapes and old-growth forest is thrown into sharp relief. Wolves are a keystone species and have become a flagship species for restoration and rewilding.


Hilde Myklebust: SPLINTERED

Cover of "Splintered"

Published by Samlaget, 2022

Happy and Sad
The summer after tenth grade stretches out before Mia and her group of friends, long and free. Soon they’ll be going to high school and will be split up, scattering in different directions. But they have this summer together, here and now. During the vacation, Mia and Are grow close in a new way, and it’s difficult to tell the difference between friendship and what may be love.


Kari Stai: YESPER AND NOPER-series

Cover of "Yesper and Noper and the Time Machine"

Jakob og Neikob-serien
Published by Samlaget 2008 – 2022

NEW! 7 Yesper and Noper and the Time Machine
Jakob og Neikob og tidsmaskinen.
The seventh and final book about best buddies, Yesper and Noper
This is a story about time – which can go quickly or stand still. And get lost. Best friends Yesper and Noper go to bed after a long, busy day. They’re keen to get some rest. But when they wake up again at last, they find they’ve slept for ten whole years. What’s happened to all that time? Have they lost it? Can the Thief have stolen it? Can they buy some time from Slowper at the corner shop, who always has all the time in the world? Or could a time machine be their salvation?

Book review from NRK P2 (Norwegian Broadcasting, radio P2: 2 April 2022

“In the seventh book in the series, Kari Stai concludes with a one-of-a-kind children’s adventure. What do we do with the time available to us? Do we use it actively or do we store it up? Is it possible to steal time or can it be bought? These are the kind of questions that best friends Yesper and Noper are grappling with.   …. The book has all the hallmarks of a classic. …  It will stand the test of time.

The aim of introducing the very youngest readers to complex ethical dilemmas gets a thumbs up from me. When the stakes are raised in a grounded, everyday story, the end result is superb children’s literature.”

The daily newspaper Klassekampen wrote “… a highly successful exploration of some very big questions. The book has the whole scope of human life within its sights”.