Cover of "The Messenger from Hell"

Twenty years of documentation from the Mediterranean

Budbringeren fra HelveteTjue år med vitnesbyrd fra Middelhavet
Published by Quintano Forlag, 2021

In the last twenty years, tens of thousands of people have drowned while escaping war and humanitarian abuses. At the bottom of the Mediterranean lies mobile phones with missed calls and worried text messages that will never get an answer. The Mediterranean has become a floating burial ground, and the islands are like small tombstones protruding.


Line Dybedal and Line Renslebråten: A HEART FOR CHRISTMAS

Cover of "A Heart for Christmas"

Eit hjarte til jul
Published by Samlaget, 2021

Magic in the Christmas tree forest
Nora’s mum is in the hospital. She needs a new heart to get better. Nora wants nothing more than her mum to be like she was before, but what if her mum becomes someone completely different with a new heart? Imagine if she doesn’t want to know Nora! The thought terrifies her.

At times like this it’s good to have a grandma who knows about a magic Christmas tree forest. Together with her dad and grandma, Nora finds the perfect Christmas tree and a shooting star whizzes through the sky above. Perhaps Nora’s wish for her mum to get better will come true after all….




Cover of "Wolves in a cultural landscape "

Ulv i det norske kulturlandskapet
Published by Res Publica, 2021

This work of literary nonfiction, eco-literature, explores the role wolves have played in Norwegian cultural history, drawing on insights from the environmental humanities. From Norse mythology and the Viking Age, it traces human–wolf relations through medieval superstition to the systematic wolf persecution of the nineteenth century, when wolves were almost driven to extinction, and finally to the current situation, where wolves stand a chance of recovery but are kept endangered through legal and illegal hunting. The contrast between cultural landscapes and old-growth forest is thrown into sharp relief. Wolves are a keystone species and have become a flagship species for restoration and rewilding.


Marianne Gretteberg Engedal: THE POLICE BURGLAR

Cover of "The Police Burglar"

Published by Samlaget, 2021

Cops and robbers
Bill was born into a family of burglars, but he isn’t a burglar anymore. There’s no one in the world Bill likes more than Sausage Sam, and there’s nothing in the world Sausage Sam likes more than sausages. However, just before the school is about to go on an overnight trip to the forest, a police family moves to town. Policewoman Polly joins the class trip, and everything changes for Bill when Polly becomes a police burglar: she steals his best friend – Sausage Sam!

From the reviews: " With THE POLICE BURGLAR Marianne Gretteberg Engedal takes a firm grip on the fresh place in the elite division among Norwegian children's book authors. "
                                              The daily Bergens Tidende

"Marianne Gretteberg Engedal is back with a dream of a sequel. The book oozes sheer quality … the illustrations are really eye-catching – lively, with a controlled recklessness and plenty of peculiarities. The landscape is painted in a delightfully acidic colour palette."




Cover of "A Brother in Outer Space"

Ein bror i verdsrommet
Published by Samlaget, 2021

Wonder and excitement at how small we are in the grand scheme of things
Elias is happy that his big brother Mats is coming home on leave from the hospital, but it doesn’t turn out to be quite what Elias had expected. Mats is thin and weak and doesn’t have the energy to do anything Elias had planned. Soon Mats has to return to the hospital and it makes Elias feel sick to his stomach. What if his big brother doesn’t get well again?