Latest rights sales

  • Frode Grytten/Mari Kanstad Johnsen: BEDTIME (children’s picture book, 2020), sold to France and Germany, previously to Denmark, Korea.
  • Kari Stai: SO, SO HAPPY (illustrated novel, 2021), sold to Denmark.
  • Helene Guåker: DANGER. HIGH VOLTAGE (YA novel, 2020), sold to Denmark.
  • Maria Parr: TONJE GLIMMERDAL (children’s novel, 2009) sold to Latvia, previously to Germany, Belgium, Catalonia, Georgia, Lithuania,  Sweden, Russia, France, Iceland, Denmark, Poland, Macedonia,  China, Ukraine, Estonia, Faroe Island,  Bulgaria,  Italy, England, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, South Korea, Turkey, India (Hindi), USA.
  •  Terje Tvedt: THE NILE. THE RIVER OF HISTORY (non-fiction, 2012/2021, sold to Italy, previously to Egypt, Germany,  Netherlands, Serbia,  UK.
  •  Kim Hjardar: THE GREATEST VIKING BATTLES (non-fiction, 2020), sold to Denmark, Sweden.
  • Bjørn Berge: IN THE AGE OF THE BOMBERS (non-fiction, 2019), sold to Russia, previously to Italy, Hungary.
  •  Lars Mæhle/Lars Rudebjer: THE DINOSAUR BUNCH-series (picture books, 2019-2020), sold to Indonesia, previously to previosly to Denmark, China,  Estonia,  Faroe Island, Finland,  Iceland, Russia,  Sweden.