Cover of "In the Age of the Bombers"

Luftens tyranner. Menn og bombefly gjennom 100 år
Published by Spartacus Forlag, 2019

Deadly planes as big as football pitches with bomb loads of up to 50 tonnes have thundered over cities and countries since 1914. The scenario is both historical and contemporary.
The arrival of bomber technology, with its ability to penetrate front lines and spread destruction among civilian populations, changed the nature of warfare forever. Its supporters claimed mass bombing would yield rapid victories by demoralising enemy populations. The idea persists: if only bombers become powerful, fast and precise enough, wars will be won swiftly and bloodlessly.

Schematic illustration from the book: Curtiss BT-32 Condor II

Bjørn Berge casts a fascinated eye over this approach, charting the history through 30 different bomber aircrafts and the raids they carried out – from Zeppelin attacks on London to bombings in Syria. As well as describing each individual plane in text and illustrations, the author takes the reader on a journey through military history: into meetings with the general staff, into the body of the plane and behind the joystick. We hear the shriek of the bombs as they are released. But most importantly, Berge gives a voice to those who have suffered the full force of the bombers’ might, in a gripping book that illuminates a dark side of the modern psychological history of our species.
Format 20 × 26 cm. 363 pages. 30 × 3 drawings. Translation rights sold to Hungary and Italy.

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Portrait of Bjørn Berge
Bjørn Berge

Bjørn Berge (b. 1954) is an architect and researcher. He has written and published numerous articles and books in Norway on architecture and building ecology. In English, he has published The Ecology of Building Materials in two editions: Elsevier Science 2000 and Routledge, 2009. This work is used as a teaching resource at universities in many countries.