Cover of "Ten Incredible Inventions"

Ti utrulege oppfinningar
Published by Samlaget, 2020

Inventions that changed the world
What do the atomic bomb, the pill and the like button have in common? That’s right, they all changed the world around them. Just like the lightbulb, the clay pot cooler, antibiotics, the dishwasher, autotune, protheses and the bulletproof material Kevlar.
Through these stories we are given insights into how inventions are made, how ideas come to be and how these inventions can affect our lives.

Ten Incredible Inventions is an entertaining and educational non-fiction book, illustrated throughout by the awarded Rune Markhus. Translation rights sold to Denmark.
Format: 19 × 26,5 cm. 64 pages.

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Read English sample here (PDF, 74 kB)

Bår Stenvik (b. 1976) has written many books about science and technology, including Skitt (Dirt, 2011), Bløff (Bluff. 2014) og Dataspill (2011), in collaboration with Maren Agdestein and Rune Markhus.
Rune Markhus (b. 1972) has illustrated around 20 picture books, including Når alle sover (2011).