Anne Linn og Andreas Kumano-Ensby: POST-APOCALYPSE NOW! A SURVIVAL GUIDE


Cover of "Post-Apocalypse Now! A survival Guide"

Postapokalypse nå! Håndbok i overlevelse
Published by Spartacus Forlag 2014/2021

Would you be able to survive if a catastrophe paralysed society and you had to get by on your own?
What if a solar storm knocked out the electric grid, a volcanic eruption buried our country in ash, or a terror attack reduced the city you live in to rubble? How would you find safe food in a polluted environment? How would you stay warm and dry? And just how many applications does peat moss have?

If you can barely identify a single edible plant, have trouble lighting a fire even with matches, dry wood and newspaper, and don’t know where, when or how to seek shelter from artic winter or nuclear fallout, Post-Apocalypse Now! will give you a bit of an edge. A fighting chance. The skills you learn won’t just be useful when society as we know it is wiped out. They can also be fun and useful in your everyday life today. And perhaps if we have a greater understanding of and respect for nature, and for the challenges we encounter in our dealings with it, we may be able to delay the destruction.

Forget the family album: this is the Woodchucks Guidebook you’ll really want to have in your backpack.

The Daily Adresseavisen wrote: “How would you find food, water and warmth? How would you preserve your health, life and sanity in almost Stone Age conditions? This book tries to give you answers to all these questions, offering masses of useful tips […] Perhaps we should all get ourselves a copy of the Post-Apocalyptic guide and prepare ourselves mentally for tougher times.”

This is a new edition of the 2014 publication.

Read English sample here (PDF, 816 kB)

Anne Linn Kumano-Ensby (b. 1980) is an investigating reporter and editor at the documentary department of Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).

Andreas Kumano-Ensby (b. 1980) studied literature at the University of Oslo. He works as operation manager in a audio book streaming service. Both have a lifelong fascination for survival and post-apocalyptic fiction, that pushed them into learning how to live in harmony with nature. In 2017 they wrote for children: Make it on your own outdoors. A junior woodchuck’s guide (Klar deg selv i naturen. En hakkespettbok).

Illustrations by Silje Ensby (b. 1984), an artist that specialises in portraying traditional crafts and techniques through drawings and film. She studied Fine Art at Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB).