Palle Puddel. Et hundeliv
Published by No Comprendo Press, 2013

What three colors are magical? How will Rita Rabbit really get the poodle party started? Can you draw with a pair of scissors? Palle dog-swimming in Greece: How did that go? And is it true what Palle read, that it is in fact dangerous to chew dog bones.

Palle Poodle is an art-buff, he loves fresh dog-bones, and he loves to draw and to paint. Sometimes all this talk about art is just a bit too much, in Rita Rabbit’s opinion. Because, after all, there are funnier and more important things in life, such as eating carrots, and to get the poodle parties really starting.

You can read all this and many other adventures with Palle Poodle and Rita Rabbit collected in this book. 17 x 24 cm. 104 pages.

The critics wrote: “Fiske is a master craftswoman. She is virtually alone in Norway in creating cartoons for children at this level. … in other words, no reason not to introduce your kid to the cultural elite in dog disguise.” – Bergens Tidende

Anna Fiske has also created three vocabulary books for small children: Palle Poodle gets up (Palle Puddel står opp)Palle Poodle relaxes at home (Palle Puddel slapper av) and Palle Poodle buys jeans (Palle Puddel kjøper olabukser). 12 x 17, cm.

Cover of "Palle Poodle Buys Jeans"
Cover of "Palle Poodle Gets up"
Cover of "Palle Poodle Relaxes"
Portrait of Anna Fiske (Photo: Sara Fiske)
Anna Fiske (Photo: Sara Fiske)

Anna Fiske (b. 1964) grew up in the south of Sweden, but now lives in Oslo. Her one-woman-magazine Rabbel, (Scribble) with comics for children has won many prizes. She also makes comic books/graphic novels for an adult audience. Her work for children is in the great Scandinavian tradition of children’s literature, i.e. Tove Jansson and Astrid Lindgren. She has published number of books, many of them are widely translated.