Latest rights sale

  • Maria Parr: THE GOALIE AND THE SEA (children’s novel, 2017), sold to  Faroe Island,  previously to Belgium, Bulgaria, Catalonia,  Denmark,  England, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia,  Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia,  Spain,  Sweden, Ukraina.
  •  Kari Stai: YESPER AND NOPER (picture book, 2008), sold to Israel, previously to China, Denmark, Egypt,  France, Germany, India, South Korea.
  • Bjørn Berge: IN THE AGE OF THE BOMBERS (non-fiction, 2019), sold to Italy, Hungary.
  • Pia Strømstad/Trond Bredesen: 10 DARING EXPEDITIONS (children’s non fiction, 2018), sold to Russia, previously to Czech, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia.