Eldrid Johansen: PHARAOH’S CURSE

Eldrid Johansen: Faraos forbannelse/The Pharaoh's CurseFaraos forbannelse
Published by Mangschou 2017

An exciting mystery from Egypt!

Mathilde and Susanne are ready to enjoy the sun as tourists by the swimming pool in Luxor. In Egypt pharaoh’s temples and hidden graves are waiting as well, and they want to discover the ruins where Mathilde’s mom died many years ago.

But even though the sun is shining, Mathilde’s anxiety grows. What do the mysterious signs from her nightmares mean? Why does she feel like someone’s watching them? And what secret was her mom about to uncover when she died?


Elisabeth Moseng: MR. JONES HAS A VISITOR

Herr Hansen får besøk
Published by Mangschou Forlag, 2017

Mr. Jones is a grump. He does not like people. He does not like animals. He does not even like children, come to think of it!

One day he suddenly discovers a non-expecting visitor in the garden. What should a grump do then? Mr. Jones has a visitor is a lively book about friendship and how life can be turned upside down by a giant elephant in his own garden. The story tells about little Alfred and the elephant called Gift, and how life might change for a grumpy old man.


Ingvild Nielsen and Jens Kristensen: THE MOON IS FOLLOWING ME

Cover of 'The Moon is Following Me'Månen følger etter meg
Published by Mangschou Forlag, 2017

 – Look, Dad, says Mone. ­– The Moon is following me again today! Do you think the Moon is on her way to kindergarten?

Right above Mone’s kindergarten, you will find the sky’s own kindergarten. This is where you will meet the Moon! Just like Mone, the Moon is trying to fit in, and the two of them seek each other’s company. But what happens when the Sun and the Wind make the Moon disappear, and Mone is left alone?