Laura Djupvik/Camilla Kuhn: THE GIRL IN THE CHEST

Cover of "The Girl in the Chest"

Jenta i kista
Published by Samlaget, 2019

An exciting thriller for children who can read by themselves
In a huge, ancient house, there is a chest.
Nobody knows what’s inside.
A 100 years ago a happy family used to live in the house.
But now, nobody wants to.
All the rooms are empty.
Except the attic, where there is a chest.
But then, one day, the box is opened.


Maria Parr/Åshild Irgens: A BIG BROTHER

Cover of "A Big Brother"

Published by Samlaget, 2019

Dreaming of an older brother
“I want to have a big brother! Why do I only have stupid little Elida?” This is a book about wishing you had an older brother. After all, imagine how great it would be to have someone who looked after you on the school bus, and always let you tag along to football training. Are all older brothers like that, though? What about all the people who just have an annoying little sister?


Anders Totland/Line Halsnes: OUT IN SPACE

Cover of "Out in Space"

Ut i rommet
Published by Samlaget, 2019

A journey in outer space
Can you imagine that someone has actually been on the moon!? Alva dreams about flying through space as well. But does she have to wait until she’s a grown-up?
In mid-July 2019 it was exactly 50 years since the Apollo 11 mission and the first moon-landing. This story is inspired by this real-life event.