Hilde K. Kvalvaag/Sturla Bang: UNDER. THE SISTER ANARCHISTS

SCI-FI 13+

Under. Søsteranarkistene
Published by Samlaget, 2017

A fascinating tale from the future city state of Zeijang-Volvo.

The Sister Anarchists is a SF trilogy set in the future where several great Extinctions have scoured the world. People live in corporate citystates. The trilogy centers on nature, power, courage, betrayal, friendship and how short-sighted people can be. In the first book we follow Ela and her childhood friend Skåne.  Ela escapes into the bowels of the city with help from the enigmatic Vida who helps people join the Underground Movement, and they encounter the eccentric synthetic intelligence Fields of Green.

Like all the other girls, orphan Ela works like a slave in the production halls of Zeijang-Volvo, a citystate run by the tyrant Ingmor, who rules everything and everyone with an iron hand. The world as we know it no longer exists: there is no organic food and no personal freedom. Anyone who steps out of line is treated as a crimal, ends up on the bloodletting bench. Girls disappear in the night. Ela stands up for herself and the other girls, and this proves to be more dangerous than Ela could ever have imagined, because Ingmor needs something that only Ela has…

The first book takes place in the futuristic city of Zeijang-Volvo, whereas in the second book, Ela has being held prisoner on a vessel at sea, after being betrayed by her own sister Sika.  In the third book, with Ela still as the protagonist, we learn more about “The Ancients” and discover what were behind the great Extinctions.

Sturla Bang and Hilde Kvalvaag (c) Tove K. Breistein
Sturla Bang and Hilde Kvalvaag

Sturla Bang (b. 1968) majored in comparative religion, and works with publishing, illustration and layout. Hilde K. Kvalvaag (b. 1968) has written several award-winning books for young adults and adults. Among others, she won Brageprisen for young adult novels with her book Fengsla (Imprisoned) in 2008. Some of her books in this category are translated into German.