Rune Belsvik: THE BIRD BOY

Cover of "The Bird Boy"

Published by Samlaget, 2019

A heart-wrenching, but hope-filled tale about finding your place in the world
Lukas thinks that Mummy loves his older sister Alma more than him. And when Lukas doesn’t behave himself, poor Daddy has to tell him off. Naughty little Lukas. Something is always wrong with Lukas.
His best friend Nico isn’t always very well-behaved either. Then one day Lukas meets a boy with a pet that’s one-of-a-kind. A black crow. What is it about this boy? And what would happen if Lukas got a bird as well? Could it change everything?

This is a strong, lyrical story about Lukas trying to find his place in the world, in his family, and among his friends.

“One of this year’s most sensitive children’s books” – Bergens Tidende, 5/6 hearts

The jury’s grounding for their nomination of Rune Belsvik’s novel for the Brage Prize for the year’s best children and young adult book:

“The Bird Boy is an absorbing, sensitive tale of a child’s attempts to control their emotions and of searching for fellowship. […] Through investigations into his day-to-day, Lukas gradually understands that he isn’t the only one finding it difficult to get a handle on his thoughts. It provides him with strength as he reconciles with his unsafe living conditions in this bleak and believable depiction of childhood.”


Rune Belsvik (b. 1956) made his literary debut with Ingen drittunge lenger (Not a Little Kid Anymore), which won him the Noregs mållag prize. He has for many years been one of the most respected Norwegian authors of children’s literature. For his Dustefjerten (Foolfart) series, Belsvik was awarded The Norwegian Critics Prize for Literature. In 2000 he received the Brage Prize for best youth novel.
Drawings by Sigbjørn Lilleeng (b. 1983), an illustrator and comic book artist. He has illustrated many books.