Mats Eldøen/Sindre Goksøyr: IF I HAD A TAIL

Cover of Eldøen/Goksøyr: If I Had a Tail

Viss eg hadde hale
Published by Samlaget, 2019

Imagine you woke up one day with wings instead of arms. Or that you could suddenly change colour like a chameleon, to blend into your surroundings. In If I had a tale, the author Mats Eldøen and illustrator Sindre Goksøyr play with the idea of how the world might have turned out if we had a few more of animals’ skills.

This book is best read somewhere with a lot of open space, so you can discover for yourself what it’s like to have eight legs like a spider, or an elephant’s ears. By the way, do you know what an elephant actually uses its ears for? Find out in this fascinating non-fiction book.

Author Mats Eldøen and illustrator Sindre Goksøyr

Mats Eldøen (b. 1983) is an actor and director who has produced a long line of children’s shows, with over 300 performances worldwide. He is an experienced improvisation artist and has taken part in multiple TV programs. Eldøen is the associate head of arts at the Oslo-based theatre.
Sindre Goksøyr (b. 1975) is an illustrator, cartoonist and artist. He has worked on several book projects and exhibitions.