Cover of "Cancelled Due to Heartbreak"

Avlyst på grunn av sorg
Published by Samlaget, 2019

 Emotions in turmoil

 “Jesus, I’ve seen so many people just like you: beautiful, privileged and from good families, people who always have the wind behind their back. But the moment the going gets tough, they’re in total crisis.”

Eline gets her first taste of heartbreak when she is suddenly and unexpectedly dumped by Jonas. Before long, she is travelling down unfamiliar, painful trains of thought. It’s around this time she gets to know Tomas, who lives holed up in the woods, hiding from someone. Tomas becomes Eline’s little secret as she tries to find out why he ran away from home. What’s his story? Do the two of them really have the same rights to complain?

In this young adult novel, Bruheim delves into the grand spectrum of emotions that emerge from heartbreak.  She also raises questions around growing up, about different people’s backgrounds and how different people’s lives can be in modern society.

Magnhild Bruheim (b. 1951) is a greatly respected and experienced author. She has published a long list of books for children, young people and adults.