Latest rights sale

  •  Åsmund H. Eikenes: A SINGLE DROP. THE SPECTACULAR SCIENCE OF BODY FLUIDS (non-fiction, 2018), sold to  France, previously to USA (World English)
  •  Terje Tvedt: THE NILE. THE RIVER OF HISTORY (non-fiction, 2012/2020), sold to Germany and the Netherlands, previously to UK.
  •  Bjørn Berge: NOWHERELANDS (non-fiction, 2016), sold to Brazil, previously to Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, the Netherlands, South Korea, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Taiwan, UK, USA.
  •  Lars Mæhle/Lars Rudebjer: THE DINOSAUR BUNCH-series (picture books, 2019-2020), sold to Hungary, previously to Denmark, China,  Estonia, Finland, Iceland.
  •  Maria Parr : WAFFLE HEART (children’s novel, 2005), sold to Albania, previously to Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Catalonia, Czech, China, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Island, France, Russia, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Serbia, Japan, Ukraine, Portugal, UK, USA, Iceland, South Korea, Sami language, Italy, India (Hindi), Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Georgia, Macedonia, Latvia, Romania, Spain, Turkey.
  •  Dag Øyvind Engen Nilsen: THE PSYCOPATH-TEST (non-fiction, 2019), sold to USA (World English)