Cover of "Full Speed with Grandfather"

I farta med farfar
Published by No Comprendo Press, 2013

Lars Fiske’s grandfather was one of the founders of one of the first automobile factories in Norway, but in grandfather’s car, it was grandmother who was most often the driver.

Full speed with grandfather is set in the last century, when the car was still new and unusual in Norway. It’s about a day when the family is on a road trip from morning to evening. The book is illustrated throughout, in widescreen, with action packed spreads, old cars and lots of details to enjoy and talk about.

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Fiske has published several comic books/graphic novels and children’s books and has made illustrations for many of the largest newspapers in Norway and Sweden as well as public space commissioned artworks in Norway. 

Portrait of Lars Fiske (photo: Erlend Aas/Scanpix)
Lars Fiske
Photo: Erlend Aas / SCANPIX

Lars Fiske (b. 1966) is educated as an illustrator and graphic designer at Konstfack in Stockholm, and Otis Parsons in Los Angeles, 1988-92. His work is widely exhibited and collected by several galleries and institutions. He has also won numerous awards for his work. His graphic novels for adults have been translated into Swedish, German, Dutch and English.