Kari Woxholt Sverdrup: GLASS ROSES

Cover of 'Glass Roses'Glassroser
Published by Mangschou Forlag, 2016

Rose has been at odds with the braided girls almost as long as she can remember. Sour Marianne, their teacher, says that they are in conflict. But when the braided girls gossip and think they know best, Rose feels that they are more likely at war. Fortunately, they’re in seventh grade now, and Rose hangs out with Tobias, Celia and Marie. Besides, Rose has one other friend – or rather two.

One is her rabbit Bud, so soft and cuddly when she strokes his fur. And then there is Nico who has started paying visits to the neighbouring house, where his grandfather lives. Rose feels strangely happy when he says hello from the other side of the fence. And one day he approaches her while she is making a pen for Bud in the garden …

Suitable for readers from 9-13.

The author writes warmly and sympathetically about the 12-year-old Rose. This is a strong story with a brave and independent protagonist, and it is Rose and her thoughts and feelings that are central to the plot, narrated in first person. Although Rose is in conflict with the braided girls, this is not just a solemn text. Here you also find funny remarks and observations, and the close relationship between Rose and her father in particular is portrayed in well-written prose.

Kari Woxholt Sverdrup
Kari Woxholt Sverdrup

Kari Woxholt Sverdrup (b. 1957) graduated from the University of Oslo with Bachelor’s degree and further language studies in Cambridge and Montpellier. She has worked as a teacher, bookseller and vocational counsellor, and made her debut as an author in 1993 with the novel Hjemme er et annet sted (Home Is Somewhere Else). Since then she has published a number of books for children and youth, several of which have been translated into Danish and German.