Jostein H. Sandsmark: DEADLINE (thriller)


Cover of 'Deadline'Deadline
Published by Omnipax, 2017

Engaging thriller for young people with a contemporary theme.

Bea, who has just finished high school and is working as journalist apprentice in a big newspaper, is a modern and refreshing version of “Nancy Drew” inspired teen mystery novels, and Deadline is the first book in a planned series with her in the lead role.

In this book, Bea’s one-year-old niece is seriously ill, and the doctor says little Ina has 40 days to live if they are unable to find a treatment. When they have to identify both the virus and its source – the relentless countdown begins. The doctors think Ina may have been infected by a dangerous virus through a new vaccine, which neither the hospital nor the National Drug Control system seem to be interested in investigating. Bea must investigate on her own, and the search for the virus takes her to Prague, Scotland, Ireland, England, Colombia and Kenya. She meets with scientists and people from the industry, embassy staff and police. But who are the helpers, and who are not? And not least, will she find the virus – and will they then be able to develop the antidote – on time?

Deadline is an insightful and exciting thriller that also addresses the moral dilemmas related to biotechnology and the health industry. In the afterword, the author explains the parts that are fictional and those that are fact-based in the story.

This is the first book in the series about Bea, a modern “Nancy Drew.” In the next book Bea meets challenges related to refugees and aid issues. But first and foremost:  yet another exciting and important story.

Jostein Sandsmark
Jostein Sandsmark

Jostein H. Sandmark (b. 1960) is a trained social worker and has also worked as a journalist – among others reporting first-hand from relief operations-  and publishing editor. He has previously published a number of books in several genres.