Jon Hellesnes: The NATO complex – On military strategy, nuclear weapons and Norway’s subservience to the USA


Cover of Hellesnes: The NATO complex

NATO-komplekset. Om militærpolitikk, atomvåpen og norsk USA-servilitet
Published by Samlaget, 2019

Norway’s nice, neighbourly alliance with Russia is over.

Behind a defensive mist of secrecy, vague speeches and semantic acrobatics, Solberg’s Norwegian cabinet is on the verge of surrendering much of our country’s military power to NATO HQ and the Pentagon. The enormous proportions of a military exercise called the Trident Juncture, demonstrate that Norway has now become an active participant in the new cold war. This means that “we” have labelled Russia as an enemy territory. This kind of characterisation proves that our peaceful, diplomatic neighbourly alliance is over. It also suggests that Norway is now simply following the authority of the USA, regardless of who or what is currently in control of the American governmental elite. With good reason, old pundits of the old cold war are now claiming that there is a new war – started by the USA. These are some of the main issues discussed in this thought-provoking book, written by the internationally renowned philosopher, Jon Hellesnes.

Author Jon Hellesnes

Jon Hellesnes (b. 1939) is both an author and an emeritus professor of philosophy at the University of Tromsø. He has won prizes for literature and teaching, and is a honorary doctor at the University of Bergen. Due to his many articles and opinion pieces in daily papers, Hellesnes has spent many years as a refreshing, dissenting voice within public debate.