Hilde Myklebust and Akin Duzakin: YLVA AND THE WILD GOATS

Cover of "Ylva and the Wild Goats"

Ylva og villgeitene
Published by Samlaget 2020

A poetic tale about an intrepid girl coming face to face with nature
Ylva and her dad are out walking to their summer house down by the sea. But they are not the only ones on the steep mountainside. The wild goat, Blackbeard, and his flock also call the area home. The sea eagles do, too.

Ylva spies something down by the seashore. Something small, but very much alive. A wild goat has just had some kids and the eagles are out on the prowl. Can Ylva manage to save the two newborn baby goats, stranded there on their own?

Ylva and the Wild Goats is a story about trying to be brave when somebody needs help, but also about caring for all life that abounds in the nature that surrounds us. The book is suitable for children from 3 to 6 years. Format 21 × 29,7 cm. 48 pages.

Hilde Myklebust (b. 1979) is well-established as one of the most important young poets in Norway. She has also written the picture book Jon og den lange julenatta/Jon and the Long Christmas Eve (2009) and the poetry collection Bjørkebokstaver/Birch Letters (2015).

Akin Duzakin (b. 1961) is a prizewinning illustrator and children’s illustrator. He has won the Brage prize twice and received the Norwegian Culture Ministry’s award for illustrated books for children and young people.