Cover of "Danger High Voltage"

Høgspenning. Livsfare.
Published by Samlaget, 2020

A story about living as a roommate with your sick mother
Lea is in her second year of high school. She lives in one of her school’s onsite apartments and has zero friends. Back home on the farm, Mum never gets out of bed. No matter what Lea does or says, her mum just won’t get up.

In order to make friends, Lea relies on Vilde. Vilda is so smart and funny and cool. She doesn’t have a sick mum. Vilde can hook up with Halvor, too. Vilde can do anything in the world. But then something happens that makes Vilde disappear, and Lea can’t just be someone else anymore.

215 pages.

Helene Guåker (b. 1983) has written multiple books for adults and young people in various genres. In 2017 she received a nomination for the Brage Prize for her young adult novel, Sveiseblink.