Erna Osland / Sigbjørn Lilleeng: DECIDE, TONY T., DECIDE


Tony TBestem deg, Tony T., bestem deg
Published by Samlaget, 2017

An engaging story about escape and taking action.

It’s the summer holidays, and Tony is staying at his grandpa’s with his cousin, Silja. Every should be as normal, but nothing is. The police tell them that a young asylum seeker is missing and everyone presumes the boy has drowned. But what’s going on in Grandpa’s loft? And who is hiding what? Have Silja and Grandpa discovered something? For the first time, Tony has to decide for himself what is right and wrong, and he has to quite literally throw himself in at the deep end.

Author Erna Osland and illustrator Sigbjørn Lilleeng have together created an illustrated easy-reader about right and wrong, and everything in between.

The story and illustrations are designed to encourage youngsters to read.

Erna Osland
Erna Osland

Erna Osland (b. 1951) is a prize winning and much loved author of both fiction and wide range non-fiction books for children. Her inviting tone and ability to delight and surprise the reader transforms her non-fiction books into pleasurable safaris of laughter and learning. Osland has won a number of Norwegian and international prizes for her books. Some of the books are translated.

Sigbjørn Lilleeng
Sigbjørn Lilleeng

Sigbjørn Lilleeng (b. 1983) is an illustrator and comic book artist. He has illustrated a number of books and has published several graphic novels and comics.