Elisabeth Melland Larsen and Nora Brech: THIPI AND THE MYSTERIOUS PARTY

Thipi og den hemmelege festen
Published by Mangschou, 2018

Surprises abound at the hospital!

Thipi is ten years old and fed up of being a patient in this huge hospital. One day, from the windowsill of her room, she spots a tiny little woman standing outside the entrance of the hospital, with a bright green hat, a big red nose and a rolling suitcase. The woman gets out a mysterious map and waves up at Thipi. How bizarre!

Not long afterwards, the lift is full with popcorn, the stairs are covered in bird poo and Thipi begins to hear voices coming from the walls in her room. Then, she and the other children from the hospital school receive a postcard with an exciting invitation.

What is going on in the hospital? Who exactly are the people who sent these postcard? Who are Florita, Birdie, Mr. Maxi and Petal? Thipi and the Secret Party is a warm, laugh-out-loud story about friendship, courage, popcorn and lots and lots of big round bubbles.

Elisabeth Helland Larsen (b. 1973) is a theatre graduate from France, where she found work at a circus that kept camels and tigers. She has worked as a clown for hospitalized children for more than 25 years. Later she founded the organization, Sykehusklovenene (The hospital clowns), whose members dress up as circus clowns to entertain and amaze the children. This book might be one of the more fanciful explanations of how they made their way into our health institutions.

Nora Brech (b. 1988) is an illustrator and author, and has collaborated on several illustrated books.